About us

Nericcio Automobili is a Danish car manufacturer headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nericcio develops and produces electric sports cars, drivetrains and battery systems.

Nericcio Automobili was founded in 2010 from a love for automotive and with the vision to create high-performance cars for the electric era.

Today, we're an 5 people working in Copenhagen within high technology with focused on designing, engineering and producing sophisticated electric hypercars and high-performance EV components for the global automotive industry.

We are passionate about engineering-led design and operating at the edge of possibility.

We never stop looking for innovative ways to push boundaries and overcome challenges to constantly raise the bar in high-performance.

Our vision

Our goal is to show the world amazing engineering through our electric hypercars and advanced technologies.

Our original idea was to develope and create the most powerful (electric) hypercar. However, at the time the technology we required didn't exist yet and the systems that were available simply weren't available to us as an automotive startup back in 2010. It was clear we had to create a great partnership with top automotive engineers and manufacturers.